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If you are gonna do gotchas, bring some talent and creativity to it, like whoever is responsible for the gotcha below.

Art. Creativity. These, together, once released into the wild, seed the landscape upon which they are planted.

Being on the edge of my seat wondering whether (never even having been in a real fight) I was about to take the two tasers, the two axes, the two machetes, and the mallet (that drove those chain link fence posts into the soil on the San Diego County property we owned for six months), drive to DC, find a place to stay, take a breath, crack the laptop, and find out whether A Brilliant Mind could plan the perfect murder of the fascist coup instigating tyrant Thomas Payne told us was to fertilize that f$&king tree.

So … yeah … that was easier than watching y’all f$&k everything up. Congrats.

Update: you’ll notice we are beginning to get a clearer image of the shape of this challenge, courtesy … once again … of the state that made me, Georgia.

What I thought was a tipping point for movements of equality, I have come to recognize as a tipping point for minority rule over this nation.

Our demography has shifted past that point which triggers the old white regime to brazenly subvert American democracy in one last ditch effort at clinging to the power it has held for so many centuries.

This is not sustainable. Our nation must be safeguarded against minority rule.

The shape of this effort, of the magnitude of this challenge, and the inevitability of a positive outcome … all such shapes remain obscured as the shadows of too many moving parts mingle and mate like shadow dancers projected upon the wall of Plato’s cave.

Update: felt like bringing this one back out. Would that I could recapture the optimism I felt in this moment. Written the night Biden was declared president-elect, I felt entirely comfortable calling the Georgia Senate races. The tribalism perpetuated by the progressive movement since obtaining the prerequisite power for real institutional change has since dampened my spirit. The sum of my collection of perspective essays hold within them a more satisfying narrative that paints this point.

Minority rule over WE THE PEOPLE comes to an end in 2021. Everyone strap the f$&k in. Everyone mask the f$&k up. We’ve got…

Everyone keeps acting like Trump is a f$&king mob boss controlling those around him. F$&k that sh$t … he is the bullsh$t babbling baboon puffed up like an orange balloon that we all clearly see him to be. Trump is the f$&king tool. His enablers built the propaganda machine for peddling this cult of personality as a means for safeguarding their minority rule over our nation.

I am not quite sure how we are meant to judge psychopathy where accountability is concerned, I can’t quite put my finger on a true psychopath’s capacity for comprehension. I have no such knowledge…

The general consensus across the Twittersphere with regard to Trump supporters goes like this: they are morons … Hillary was correct to call them deplorables … these are the dregs of our society.

Whole lotta truth here. The problem falling by the wayside for a myriad of reasons is that the percentage of people for which this provides an accurate description and the percentage of people that fall under the label “Trump supporter” are divergent.

What we must understand … and work to eliminate … is the why. For some reason unbeknownst to me … waayyy too many folks are…

This is a unique inflection point. The weight of this moment makes my bones feel heavier than I remember. Last November … hell … all throughout 2020 … we the people demanded our voice be heard and our will respected. When our legislators stop working for us their concept of civil service must be corrected.

Democracy requires participation.

For decades we have allowed ourselves to fall into a pattern of governance where one party advances our nation, with a focus on equitably caring for our nation’s people and with an eye toward global stewardship. After eight years, give or take…

Loving your Trump+ routine, Lindsey. You go get yourself that Trump 2022 base. Okay, hold on, are all y’all at MSNBC rope-a-doping Lindsey? Better let me know now, if so, before someone finally gets around to showing Mr. Graham the future I have chosen to write for him.

I have something I want you to think about, Lindsey.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Now, Lindsey, if a small group of committed citizens are capable of changing the world, what ……

Even when I answer the why to their behavior, the pure obstinance required by Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to block out the reality of where this path ends still gets me. It was never a sustainable, career extending path to walk.

Rejecting reality was never a sustainable model.

Perhaps, had two years of reality rejectionism allowed for them to maintain the majority in the House. Their rejection of reality is why they failed to hold the House.

Perhaps, had four years of reality rejectionism allowed for them to maintain the majority in the Senate. …

I wonder what it will be like for things to get better after being arguably as bad as they have ever been.

I wonder how all those falsehoods will play after things start to get better.

I wonder how many full fledged COVID deniers will finally encounter this deadly pandemic.

I wonder if red states will continue to suffer needlessly under Trumpian COVID policies.

I wonder what the recovering blue states will look like from those red states.

I wonder how those red state constituents will feel when their jobs come back.

When they aren’t so frightened.

When their families…


Northside Hospital baby proudly indoctrinated into the radical left at the University of Georgia in the Deep South. (BA in English and BS in CS)

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