Update: you’ll notice we are beginning to get a clearer image of the shape of this challenge, courtesy … once again … of the state that made me, Georgia.

What I thought was a tipping point for movements of equality, I have come to recognize as a tipping point for minority rule over this nation.

Our demography has shifted past that point which triggers the old white regime to brazenly subvert American democracy in one last ditch effort at clinging to the power it has held for so many centuries.

This is not sustainable. Our nation must be safeguarded against minority rule.

The shape of this effort, of the magnitude of this challenge, and the inevitability of a positive outcome … all such shapes remain obscured as the shadows of too many moving parts mingle and mate like shadow dancers projected upon the wall of Plato’s cave.

Northside Hospital baby proudly indoctrinated into the radical left at the University of Georgia in the Deep South. (BA in English and BS in CS)

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